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Project 1

The first project I collaborated on was the creation of two brochures for the local artist Antanas Jankauskas.

I decided to dedicate them to the creation of an illustrative brochure of his comic works exhibited in the exhibition and a mini catalog with all his works with the relative years of publication and his biography in both Lithuanian and English. 

During the process of creating the brochure, I collaborated with my colleague who organized the event and with the artist. He collected the necessary information for example: 

  • All the works exhibited in the library;
  • The dates of the works;
  • Information relating to the artist's path;
  • Time management I had deadlines;
  • Organization;
  • Information search - planning 
  • Team Work with my colleague
  • Communication not in English but in Lithuanian

It was not the first time to create advertising brochures and catalogs by artist, but he was the first "International" artist made in a different language. 

I already had some technical graphic skills, but now I feel more comfortable when I have to create advertising graphics. 

The programs I used:

  • Canva for the creation of the brochure;
  • Lightroom to edit photos;
  • Flipsnack for catalog creation;


Project 2

In December 2020 I came up with the idea of creating a calendar for the new year to commemorate Samogite traditions and roots. I realized that in the library they had many calendars from previous years but they were not personalized and unique related to real people and samogite traditions. My first idea was to write in 4 languages (Lithuanian, Samogitian, English and Italian), in the end speaking with my colleagues we decided to keep only 3 languages (also because of the spaces). 

The calendar design took a long time, because I collaborated with some of my colleagues, it was a challenge because it was difficult to communicate with them with the language (they didn't speak English). I had trouble with attention to detail, so the project took a long time. 

In the end, it was done as I had imagined. 

The process was:

  • Decision on the design of the calendar (main photo of the person) with a description;
  • Information collected on the story and the photos of the character;
  • Edit photos;
  • Collected information on national holidays and samogitian.
  • Written in 3 languages: Lithuanian, Samogitian and English;
  • Choice of company for printing copies;
  • Choice of copies for each library in the Region and for some people.


I software I used:

  • Canva for the realization of the calendar;
  • Lightroom to edit photos.
Project 3

The library has a main site for sharing information and events, but does not have a blog. In March I decided to create a blog site where I promote books.

It became a virtual book club, every week I reviewed the books I read, gave opinions and wrote about what they were about.

The site is called www.knygumanija.svb.lt was created through the WordPress CSM with a simple and intuitive design also suitable for mobile.

The creation process was challenging, especially in the drafting of the texts because the site is all in Lithuanian.

I worked with a colleague of mine and a volunteer to correct the texts.

I did the research in English, reviewed the book in English, then translated it into Lithuanian, sent the draft to my colleague, she corrected it for me and then wrote it as an article on the site and shared it on the Facebook page .

The blog was quite successful, it received more than 500 visits in 3 months, without advertising only in an organic way.

It was my first website for a foreign language library in Lithuanian.


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